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Income Protection Insurance AustraliaIncome Protection Insurance can be confusing, who provides it? How do you get the best deal? What exactly am I insuring?  We have established relationships with the top Insurance companies in Australia and so are able to provide you with instant access to the best quotes available.

If you suffer from an accident or injury which prevents you from being able to work then your policy will continue to pay you 75% of you salary for your benefit period.  This insurance could be the difference between knowing that your financial commitments can be met, and financial hardship.  Protect your finances with with care!

Why You need Income Protection Insurance

The Best Income Protection PlanIf an illness or injury prevented you from being able to work how long would you be able to survive financially.  Your sick leave and long service leave may only take you so far, and if your injury happened outside of work, you will not have workers compensation to rely on.This policy will pay up to 75% of you salary after your waiting period so that your finances can be taken care of while you take the time to recover.  IPI is also a tax deduction, meaning that at the end of each financial year you will get a tax benefit on the premiums that you pay, making it even more sensible.

With one phone call to Income Protection One, you will get instant access to the best policy for you, at the best price.  Call now and protect your income today!

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