The Best Income Protection for Carpenters

carpenterAs a tradesman, you need to ensure that you are protected in all instances; both on and off site. An injury could have a major impact not just on themselves and their family, but it could potentially mean loss of work as well.

Statistics show that it is more likely males experience an injury more than females, this puts the workers of the trade industry which is male dominated at further risk. Statistics show that nearly a staggering 10% of construction workers injure themselves at work. 


It is essential to think about how you and your family would cope if an unfortunate event were to happen leaving you with an illness, premature death or with an injury that stopped you earning you regular income for three months or more. Is this something your family and you could cope with financially along with the stress of the illness/injury? 

Workers compensation should not be relied upon as a primary source of income to support your family and financial commitments. You must ensure that not only have you covered yourself for the on-site injuries that you may face bit also the injuries you may face out of work hours that could leave you put of work for a period of time. 


Income protection is there to help you protect yourself and your family, your ability to do your job adequately and if something were to happen,  you would have this to fall back on to cover your debts if you fall sick or become injured.